Retail Lighting Solutions

Austube Schréder is the trusted partner for all your smart retail lighting needs. Our unparalleled ability to design and manufacture custom-made luminaires specifically tailored to your project sets us apart from the competition. We take pride in sharing our extensive knowledge and advancements in lighting design, circadian technologies, glare control, color quality, and evolving building and wellness standards. With our expertise, you can expect your lighting to enhance the customer experience while generating energy, maintenance, and cost savings.

Efficient and well-designed lighting is crucial for retail projects. At Austube Schréder, we have been delivering exceptional services and premium-quality products to electricians and interior designers for many years. Our retail shop light range comprises surface mounted, recessed, and rod suspended extrusions, offering a comprehensive solution for ambient lighting. These lights ensure that your stores are adequately illuminated, capturing the attention of customers and making your establishment stand out.


Where other companies simply deliver products, we truly partner with our clients with proactive, collaborative service, and high touch customer solutions.


Offering outstanding EXPERTISE in technology, manufacturing, and product solutions. We inform and educate – we are thoughtful, helpful, and design using the latest high class performing technology in all our products, and we share our expertise.


Our products have been designed for durability, ensuring they stand the test of time and with cutting-edge technologies aimed at minimising energy consumption. Embracing the principles of the circular economy, we actively strive to eliminate wasteful practices and maximize the value of assets over an extended period.


Excelling in DELIVERY via best in class end to end project management. Our high-touch customer service makes every interaction matter, we are reliable and proven performers and we go the extra mile.