Newtown Railway Station

The Austube luminaires were carefully chosen for their exceptional performance, appealing design, versatility, and superior resistance to dust and moisture

The recently upgraded Newtown Railway Station boasts greatly enhanced facilities which significantly improve the amenity of the precinct. 



Sydney Trains


The station upgrade features include new lifts and stairs as well as a covered walkway, new ticket office, extended platform canopies and upgraded toilet facilities. New lighting throughout the station is an important element for passenger safety and comfort as well as the overall visual appeal of the project.

An impressive covered walkway leads pedestrians from King Street to the new concourse, booking office and facilities. Canopies over the railway platforms now extend further than the previous ones providing additional protection for passengers. Austube’s 135 BEAM IP66 and 135 RECESSED IP66 are used extensively on the platforms, concourse and covered walkway areas. These Austube luminaires were selected for their performance, aesthetic appeal, flexibility and a high degree of dust and moisture protection.

 The entire building and premises received a 6 star energy rating compliancy.

Jeff Nelson
Development Manager, Sydney Trains