Ku-ring-gai Fitness & Aquatic Centre

Lighting up fitness and aquatic centre

The Ku-Ring-Gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre, formerly known as West Pymble Pool, welcomed its doors to the public in late 2014. The lighting designers involved in this project selected the AUS 100 GS LED SQUARE D/I for areas such as the gymnasium, cafe dining, and facilities where a combination of direct and indirect lighting was needed. This choice of lighting solution ensures optimal illumination and creates a pleasant ambiance for visitors in these specific areas.

The expansive walkways encircling the complex and the kids' play and child minding areas were illuminated using the AUS 100 GS LED RECESSED, which was extensively employed. This lighting solution enhances the spaciousness of the walkways and provides ample illumination in the designated areas for children's activities. With its comprehensive refurbishment, the center now stands as a top-tier facility that promises enjoyment for generations to come.